Decentralised AI with Scaleout Studio

Scaleout Studio is machine learning for the hybrid cloud.

Highly scalable federated learning 
Flexible end-to-end machine learning
Distributed resources management

Scaleout Studio for federated learning and the hybrid cloud covers all stages from data ingestion and transformation, feature extraction, model definition, training, and evaluation, to deployment, inference and monitoring.

Overview of the technology stack.

Federated learning

FEDn is an open-source, modular and machine learning agnostic framework for Federated Machine Learning (FedML) developed and maintained by Scaleout Systems.

FEDn enables highly scalable cross-silo and cross-device use-cases over FEDn networks.

FEDn lets you seamlessly go from local development of a federated model in a pseudo-distributed sandbox to live production deployments in distributed, heterogeneous environments. Three key features for FEDn:

  • A ML-framework agnostic black-box design
  • Horizontally scalable through a tiered aggregation scheme
  • Built for real-world distributed computing scenarios

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