Federated learning solutions for decentralized AI

Scaleout helps its customers develop machine learning solutions when data is distributed over multiple locations or devices.

Our platform is based on federated learning and enables development of privacy-preserving AI solutions.

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The need for federated machine learning is driven
by these global macrotrends:

  • Regulatory requirements increasingly limit sharing of data across borders and between organizations and subsidiaries.
  • Privacy and personal integrity is becoming a key focus in sustainable AI. This is a good thing, but it impacts any AI efforts involving personal data.
  • The future of the cloud is distributed. AI is moving to the edge and the majority of data will need to be processed where it is created. This has implications for all machine learning development in Industry 4.0.
The federated learning pilot

Edge-native ML with Scaleout studio

FEDn: Scalable federated learning

Use the FEDn framework to create federated learning solutions for computer vision, NLP, fraud detection and more, with world-leading scalability and resilience.

Work with computer vision, NLP, and more
Use Tensorflow, Torch, sklearn, or any machine learning framework of your choice
Integrate FL capabilities in your MLOps workflows

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The Scaleout community is focused on decentralized AI and federated learning.

Our focus is on solving decentralized AI problems using the open source project FEDn, but other related projects and subjects are also discussed.

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