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Scaleout’s mission is to enable machine learning solutions without compromising on data ownership and privacy.
Associate Professors
Scaleout is a spinoff from the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University.
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We are dedicated to contribute to the development of sustainable AI.
Areas of expertise include AI & machine learning, distributed systems, and scientific computing.
Scaleout was selected for the 33-listan, the most prestigious innovation award in Sweden.
Top AI Startup
In THE EUROPEAN AI startup ecosystem
Scaleout is top ranked in the Swedish AI startup landscape, identified for innovation within federated learning and for accelerating AI in Sweden.
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Who we are

Scaleout is a team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, software engineers, and entrepreneurs. Experienced from both academic research and industry with backgrounds from Google, SAAB, BCG, Autodesk and other.

Our focus

Work towards a future where ML solutions become the best they can be, but without having to compromise with data ownership and privacy

Areas of expertise

We are experienced cloud architects, DevOps engineers and data scientists and with deep expertise in ML/AI, Cloud-native computing, Data science & engineering, and Scientific computing & HPC.
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Andreas Hellander
Chief Executive Officer

Ebba Kraemer
Chief Commercial Officer

Salman Toor
Chief Technology Officer

Fredrik Wrede
Head of Engineering & Senior ML Engineer

Mattias Åkesson
Senior Federated Learning Engineer

Niklas Holmström
Software Developer

Daniel Zakrisson
Operations & Business Development

Ola Spjuth
AI & Life Science Lead, Professor at Uppsala University

Morgan Ekmefjord
Advisor, Product & Cybersecurity

Jens Frid
Marketing & Strategy

Stefan Hellander
Head of Product


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