Enhancing IoT security with federated learning

February 5, 2024

Digitalization's growth has made the Internet of Things (IoT) important in sectors like healthcare and manufacturing, but it also raises cybersecurity concerns. IoT networks are increasingly targeted by cyber threats. In this project we utilize federated learning to develop an advanced intrusion detection system (IDS) for IoT, focusing on effectiveness and data privacy.

The connected nature of IoT systems makes them vulnerable to various cyber threats, threatening privacy and operational integrity. While IoT data is vital for system optimization, its data sharing poses privacy concerns. The varied and diverse nature of IoT data complicates security efforts. A sophisticated security strategy is needed to handle the diverse data types and ensure privacy. Our project seeks to tackle these issues, focusing on enhancing security while considering the complexities of IoT data privacy.

What can Federated Learning bring to IoT Security?

Federated learning, a machine learning method training algorithms across decentralized devices without data sharing, is key to IoT security. It enables IDS development that leverages collective insights from various IoT networks for improved threat detection and response, all while maintaining privacy.

Advantages of Federated Learning in IoT:

  1. Privacy Protection: It keeps data at its source, ensuring privacy.
  2. Diverse Data Utilization: Aggregates insights from different IoT environments for robust, adaptable security models.
  3. Dynamic Adaptation: Adjusts to evolving IoT networks and emerging data patterns.

However, implementing federated learning in IoT is complex, with challenges like managing data diversity and ensuring model robustness in evolving threat landscapes. By developing novel federated learning techniques specifically tailored for IoT networks, our project aims to enable IoT security through federated learning by:

  • Developing IoT-specific federated learning technologies, addressing diverse data.
  • Continuously updating IDS models against new cyber threats.

The goal is to enhance cybersecurity in various sectors, providing a balance of security and privacy. This project is a crucial step towards a secure, privacy-focused, and adaptable IoT future.

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