Get started with federated learning

Get started by choosing the best approach for you and your team. All approaches allow you to take your project from R&D to a highly secure production.
The FEDn Software Development Kit
1. FEDn Developer Toolkit
For experienced ML practitioners: the highly flexible open source SDK uses Docker and Python to quickly set up a distributed federation in your existing IT environment.
The FEDn Studio
2. FEDn Studio
For data scientists and ML professionals. Ideal for quick testing and development in a fully managed cloud environment. Register below for one month free access.
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The Scaleout team
3. Custom FEDn project
Collaborate with Scaleout's experts in in a joint project. We’ll reduce risk and time to market by choosing the most effective development strategy for your needs.
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Use the FEDn studio for initial testing and proof-of-concept work. It's set up for easy start and can smoothly integrate with your production environment for larger federated learning implementations.
The free open-source FEDn core offers a secure and scalable foundation for projects, ensuring smooth development to large-scale deployment transitions with its emphasis on flexibility and adaptability.
Free features:
✔️ FEDn SDK and CLI access
✔️ FEDn Studio access (1 project, 2 users)
✔️ Community support
Designed to boost your federated learning research and development, Discover offers a hosted cloud environment for streamlined experimentation and faster progress. Pricing per month.
Everything from Free, plus:
✔️ FEDn Studio
✔️ Dedicated Discord, Slack or Email support
Tailored for organizations seeking to integrate federated learning into their production environment, Enterprise offers robust, scalable solutions to meet professional demands.
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Everything from Discover, plus:
✔️ Cloud/On-Premise deployment options
✔️ Tailored support
✔️ Bespoke services and collaborative projects